Windows Vista : the definitive guide

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Microsoft Windows Vista is the most significant rollout of the Windows operating system since Windows Windows Vista is different from previous versions of Windows from login to logout. The new operating system with its subsystem and driver model enhancements is a major improvement over its predecessor, Windows XP, in terms of Vista's stability and usability for future Windows versions. The revolutionary architecture of Windows Vista changes the way users work with and manage data on their computers.

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  6. Key architecture changes include changes to user account controls and privileges, preinstallation and preboot environments, and modularization and disk imaging. All these modifications are meant to improve the user experience in regard to usability, such as finding documents, email messages, applications, or configuration settings.

    Security is also enhanced with improvements to User Account Control to help prevent installation of prohibited applications and system protection against spyware and malware, with improved versions of Windows Defender and Windows Firewall.

    Microsoft Windows Vista is the latest release of the Windows operating system and is designed to dramatically improve the computing experience of every kind of PC user—from people at home who use their PCs for simple web browsing, to business people who must organize and act on large volumes of data, to engineers and designers who routinely perform complex mathematical analysis. To meet the specific needs of the broad range of users, Microsoft will deliver five editions of Windows Vista. The report predicts that by solar power will meet the electricity needs of about million households in the United States to offset 45 million metric tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to removing 10 million cars.

    Deployment From installation basics to corporate-level installation guidance for the Business Desktop Deployment BDD for Windows Vista and the Microsoft Office system, the Windows Vista Resource Kit covers all areas of Windows Vista deployment including: Deployment automation Application compatibility and deployment Disk imaging User state migration Volume activation Management Controlling how Windows Vista functions and how users access its resources is an important part of supporting the operating system.

    The Windows Vista Resource Kit covers management topics such as: User accounts Disks and storage Device management Printing File sharing and collaboration Internet access and security Maintenance The ability to restore a system to efficient operation is an important part of a technician's job.

    Windows Vista

    The Windows Vista Resource Kit offers guidance for maintenance tasks including: Health and performance monitoring Remote user assistance Software updates and patches Client protection hardening Windows Networking Windows Vista is designed to operate in networks from two linked home systems to immense corporate networks with thousands of networked computers. Personality data also includes software applications or the tools users need to properly perform their everyday work.


    With software virtualization, software becomes just another component of personality captures. This provides better business continuity during the migration. This chapter finishes with the post-mortem you should perform at the end of any project of this scale, identifying which project elements need to be transited into production now that your systems infrastructure has been modified. Of these, the first three are currently available for download.