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WHERE'S THE FIBERGLASS BEEF? Giant 'steer' used in parades goes missing

I generally give comics a lot of leeway and agreed with Joan that it was okay. No doubt it will be recycled with great gusto by countless folks on the right, as Maggie Mama does in the current caption contest on OTB. Make a one-time donation. Joan Rivers Dies At Nancy Reagan Dead At He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own.

Everybody Hates Chris - Where's Mah Chain

Is there any sort of atonement you've gone through since restoring your faith in God? You don't play "Animal Fuck Like a Beast " anymore.

Racing Record

Once a person has truly repented and comes to true Faith in Christ, there is nothing else that needs to be atoned for. The Bible says "Christ's blood cleanses us once and for all. That gets done the moment you first come to true repentance. In America, both political parties are weaponized. I go back to the basic Judeo-Christian values that our country was brought up on.

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The greatest advice I can give to anybody is: go study this for yourself. Political parties are just a different kind of denomination.

What comes after civilisation? - the wild women versus the wild men - SHARON BLACKIE

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  • Salty travel stories;
  • Texas sports columnist Blackie Sherrod -- an appreciation: Bill Livingston.
  • The Where's Wally? A group of people dressed as Where's Wally. The event is the brainchild of Chris Evans and features 3 days of cars, music and entertainment with profits being donated to the charity Children in Need.

    A group of charity event participants dressed as the character in the Martin Handford illustrated books of Where's Wally. England, United Kingdom. A police cordon has been put up at the site where the remaining Extinction Rebellion protesters are taken down from trees. Protesters have put up a 'Where's Wally' poster with the face of Michael Gove on it.