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Tidal Surge allows Hydroid to remain submerged in Undertow and travel in waveform for half the normal distance. Undertow will not drain additional energy when Hydroid moves via Tidal Surge.

Why Undertow

Enemies previously submerged in Undertow will be pulled along by Tidal Surge. Tentacle Swarm centers the kraken on Undertow and spawns tentacles inside the pool. Charged cast can extend tentacle spawn radius outside Undertow. Tentacles will capture enemies when they emerge from Undertow. Hydroid's Companion will also be submerged, regardless of distance from him. His companion will not become invulnerable and is susceptible to damage from explosions.

What travelers are saying

Enemy corpses will be released from Undertow when killed. Cannot switch, fire, or reload weapons, perform parkour Maneuvers except jump and roll, nor collect Pickups while in liquid form. Can be cast while in midair to enter liquid form.

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  6. These pose a serious threat to anyone swimming in the ocean near breaking waves.;
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  8. Undertow pool will form when Hydroid lands on the ground. Aura effects from enemy Eximus will not apply to Hydroid while he is submerged but nearby Tenno will suffer from the effects of the Eximus unit's aura if they are in range.

    Energy Leech Eximus still will drain energy when in the pool, however. When Hydroid is submerged, the game treats him as invisible to enemies. As such, any kills on unalerted enemies with undertow will count as a stealth kill.

    The Undertow

    Also causes the Zenistar to deal bonus stealth damage to enemies. There is a bug related to this where a Zenistar built with blast will continue to deal bonus damage to some enemies even when Hydroid re-emerges from the puddle. Submerged enemies cannot prevent Tenno from capturing an Interception point. This makes it incredibly efficient at completely locking down towers on Interception missions.

    Undertow Publications

    Augment Main article: Curative Undertow Curative Undertow is a Hydroid Warframe Augment Mod that allows Undertow to heal Hydroid and his allies within range by a percentage of their max health every 1. Activating then deactivating Undertow allows you to set up Ground Finisher attacks with your melee weapon on nearby enemies. Look for a channel of smooth surface water where waves appear lower and whitecaps are less prominent.

    If you see one, that may be a rip, so you should try to avoid it. Keep these tips in mind as you swim this summer, and share them with your friends and family. As we glean a better understanding of this natural force, we can prepare ourselves to avoid its danger. For more documentation on this and other oceanic dangers, visit ripcurrents. Pemmican: The original protein bar. Quiz: Identifying poison ivy, oak, and sumac.

    Undertow Component

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