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Any time you lose great players, it definitely takes a hit to your offense. Along with the wide receiver talk, Brady and Gray discussed the rumor he disapproved of Robert Kraft's decision to cut Brown from the team. When the Patriots signed Antonio Brown earlier this month, it was reported Tom Brady told Robert Kraft he was " percent in" on bringing in the controversial wide receiver. Eleven days later, Brown was released after intimidating texts sent by him to one of his accusers leaked to the public.

Timing is everything

There has been some speculation the decision to part ways with Brown was Kraft's, and that both Brady and Bill Belichick disagreed with the Patriots owner's choice to cut ties with the star wideout. I don't decide to sign players, I don't decide to trade them, I don't decide to release them, I don't decide to draft them. I don't get asked. I show up and I do my job. Online observers wondered if someone on the military's social media team was subtweeting the White House by pointing out the contribution a former refugee is making to the U.

An In-Depth Look at the Science of Twitter Timing

But a Pentagon official told NBC News the tweet's timing was simply a coincidence, that tweets are planned well in advance and that this one had nothing to do with any expected announcements. The tweet directed followers to a feature story on the Marines website, published two days earlier, that recounts how Mohammed's family was driven from Baghdad because of their support for the United States. He joined the Marines in and is now serving as a translator for a team that supports Iraqi forces in their fight against ISIS.

Defense Department spokeswoman Laura Ochoa said the tweet about the profile was simply "an opportunity to highlight the unique story of one of our U. Marines and his service to our country. Two days earlier, another Defense Department post about social media posting and mental health was seen by some as a possible dig at the prolific tweeter-in-chief.

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But that tweet actually linked to a Jan. Know what to look for. Scrutiny of government tweets may be more intense after incidents involving another federal agency.

Outliers: a few viral posts may be skewing the data. However, they are a true testament to what kind of organic traffic you can attain when you pair great content with great timing. View them here:.

As always, you should test and track results for yourself. Use engagement data from Facebook Page Insights or other measurement tools such as Hootsuite Analytics to determine what works best for you. The lifespan of a tweet is very short—only 18 minutes.

Humans after all

So timing matters more than ever on this network. You have less than 20 minutes to make sure your content reaches the right people!

Twitter Timing Infographic

These graphs include data from the Superbowl, which occurred on a Sunday. Since it is a statistical anomaly, we have decided to disregard the data from Q1 , which shows Sunday as the most popular day to post.

Use this data as a starting point, test different posting schedules, and compare results. Since Instagram is becoming more and more important to brands , we did a separate break out post on the best time to post on Instagram. In that case, we used data from , posts and the top 20 Instagram accounts in North America from 11 different industries. The results varied widely between industries. The food industry, unsurprisingly, received the most engagement when they posted at 12 p. EST, while educational organizations got the best results at 4 p. EST, Monday to Friday.

That means newer posts are more likely to appear in your feed first, no matter how many times you refresh it.

How does it work?

Find the best time to post on Instagram for your industry. Combined with our own internal data on when Hootsuite gets the most engagement on LinkedIn, we can state the following:. And that brings up an interesting point. When you hear about the best or most popular time to post, we recommend you test and measure the results against a wildly different schedule.