The Last Winter of Dani Lancing

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A hugely impressive debut. A bold and impressive debut.

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An entertaining thriller but also a moving examination of loss, memory and morality. An excellent debut and a refreshing new voice in crime fiction.

This strange, deeply-layered psychological thriller is less of a crime book — although murder, rape, drugs and police corruption all play a part — than a clever and often moving examination of the ripple effects the damage from a single killing can inflict on the survivors. This inventive, exciting and often moving thriller makes an impressive debut. The denouement, showing that the same feelings can motivate evil and as well as good, is a final inventive leap from someone who presents his case with intelligence and feeling — and expects the same from his readers.

For those of us who like, and are used to, the predictability of mainstream crime fiction, reading these books is a slight shock to the system as well as a delight…This is a novel about the power — not always benign — of love and memory; about obsession and remorse; about revenge and its aftermath, as much as it is about a mystery and its solution.

Patricia Lancing on The Last Winter of Dani Lancing

But it is also satisfyingly about that. The book is extremely well-written; the characters are plausible, intense and interesting, there are deft touches of humour and the plot is sound… a great read.

The Last Winter of Dani Lancing

Hard to believe this is a first book. Teri Duerr.

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October Current Issue. Table of Contents. At The Scene.

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P.D. Viner

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