Statistics for Economics, Business Administration, and the Social Sciences

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These are to be acquired through four to five modules of 6 or 9 ECTS credits each. The curriculum includes the following basics:. Whether in Europe e. Flyer Download.

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Information of the School. International students and second-degree students plees see here. Graduates of our School have very good career perspectives. Business administration majors often land careers operating small businesses or managing large corporations.

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Some go on to graduate school to pursue a master's in business administration. Colleges may offer two economics degrees, a bachelor's of arts and a bachelor's of science. The B.

Bachelor of Social Sciences

Both a B. An economics degree is versatile; majors can find jobs in the public and private sector as policy analysts, researchers, economic forecasters and urban planners, for instance.

Those seeking advanced study typically complete master's and doctorates in economics. Chris Burke began writing professionally in In addition to writing for student-run literary journals in college, he has authored content for The George Washington University, as well as the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

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Burke holds a Bachelor of Arts in international affairs and is pursuing a law degree from Columbia University. College Life. Education in traditional degree courses at German universities is wide-ranging: business studies BWL deal with the conditions, changes and processes within companies. Economics VWL , on the other hand, deals with economic issues across the entire social spectrum and attempts to understand the relevant processes and connections.

Stage I studies for both subjects are often very similar at German universities.

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  8. You can also choose one of the many English-language courses on offer. One disadvantage could be that you will not learn such good German if you study in English.

    Business and Economics

    This is important if you want to work for a Germany company later on. Today, nearly every sector from healthcare to cultural management requires economic expertise. There are a corresponding number of professional opportunities for economists. They can be found everywhere — as operations managers in municipal enterprises or human resources departments in large companies, in controlling or sales and marketing, as freelance consultants and as departmental managers or executives in medium-sized companies. Courses of study such as sports economics, transport management or management in healthcare and social management combine economic expertise with specific industry knowledge and prepare you to work in relevant areas in a targeted manner.

    Everyone around the world is familiar with global players such as BMW or Siemens.

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    In Germany, however, there are many middle-sized companies that are world leaders in their specialist fields. Last but not least, small and medium-sized companies are looking for well-trained economists with international experience. Courses in banking and finance are also very popular. Here, you will learn how internationally networked markets, banking and the constantly changing financial markets operate. Very important: you should be happy using mathematical and statistical methods, because they are an integral part of the course. What influences people and societies?

    Economics of course, but also culture and politics. Degree programmes in social sciences such as sociology and politics enable you to conduct multidisciplinary study across many different disciplines. There are points of contact with psychology and educational theory as well as with economics, anthropology and history.

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    Empirical research is an important component of social science studies. Survey interviews, observations or measurements are used to collect statements which are then evaluated. Here, too, a grasp of mathematics is important, because statistics is one of the core subjects.