Spirituality, Philosophy and Education

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Spirituality, Philosophy and Education brings together contributions to the debate by a team of renowned philosophers of education. They bring to this subject a depth of scholarly and philosophical sophistication that was previously missing, and between them offer a wide-ranging exploration and analysis of what spiritual values have to offer contemporary education.

The contributors address such subjects as what we mean by 'spiritual values'; scholarship and spirituality; spirituality and virtue; spirituality, science and morality; the shaping of character; the value of spiritual learning; spiritual development and the curriculum and many others.

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In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Music Education and Spirituality: Philosophical Exploration Ii. Music, beyond its pitches and rhythms, timbres and dynamics, has elusive qualities that many have difficulty identifying and discussing.

Philosophy of Music Education Review

In this regard Rabindranath Tagore speaks of the "ineffable": But when our heart is fully awakened in love, or in other great emotions, our personality is in its flood-tide. For example, physicist Fritjof Capra states that: Spiritual experience is an experience of aliveness of mind and body as a unity.

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Make a list of your values. What you value in life is a critical component of your spiritual philosophy. Take some time to make a list of values and keep these values in mind as you explore different spiritual philosophies.

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Some example of values include honesty, respect, courage, and open-mindedness. Take time to ask yourself questions about your take on the human experience, the soul, afterlife, and the relationship of humans to the natural environment.

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Keep an open mind. It is important to approach the development of a spiritual philosophy with an open mind. While you might have been raised in a particular spiritual or religious tradition, you can benefit from learning about how others approach and philosophize about spirituality.

Pay attention to your inner voice.

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As you develop your spiritual philosophy, it is important to pay attention to your inner voice. For example, if a certain approach to spirituality makes you feel uncomfortable, you should not push yourself into it. If something feels right to you, on the other hand, make an effort to continue exploring it.

The Philosophy of Spirituality

Develop a writing practice. As you are forming a spiritual philosophy, you will likely experience a vast array of emotions. Set aside time each day to write down your thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Doing so will help you think through and experience all the emotions on your spiritual journey.