She Shouldnt, But She Will [The Passionate PIs 1] (Siren Publishing Menage & More)

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Far too long actually. I am eager to write her story and find out what obstacles she and the Cim will face. By the way, Stone Passions 3 is fully written I still have to revise that and come up with a title for SP3. I tried to plot this story for two weeks. I thought I had a conflict. Turned out as I pushed at this thread that it was merely a subplot, not even halfway big enough to be the main conflict. So I knew I needed another antagonist, but I had no idea who. I obviously needed to delve deeper. Tonight though, it came to me as I looked over those final edits. A conflict big enough to move the plot forward.

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She Shouldn't, But She Will (The Passionate PIs)

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