Postmodern Condition The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge

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Paris: Minuit.

The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge Background

The Origins of Postmodernity. The Free Press, , p. Hidden categories: Articles containing French-language text. Namespaces Article Talk.

Critical writing that references this:

Views Read Edit View history. The application of this criterion to all of our games necessarily entails a certain level of terror, whether soft or hard: be operational that is, commensurable or disappear. The logic of maximum performance is no doubt inconsistent in many ways, particularly with respect to contradiction in the socioeconomic field: it demands both less work to lower production costs and more to lessen the social burden of the idle population.

But our incredulity is now such that we no longer expect salvation to rise from these inconsistencies, as did Marx.

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Still, the postmodern condition is as much a stranger to disenchantment as it is to the blind positivist of delegitimation. Where, after the metanarratives, can legitimacy reside?

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The operativity criterion is technological; it has no relevance for judging what is true or just. Is legitimacy to be found in consensus obtained through discussion, as Jurgen Habermas thinks? Such consensus does violence to the heterogeneity of language games.

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And invention is always born of dissension. Postmodern knowledge is not simply a tool of the authorities; it refines our sensitivity to differences and reinforces our ability to tolerate the incommensurable. Its principle is not the expert's homology, but the inventor's paralogy. Here is the question: is a legitimation of the social bond, a just society, feasible in terms of a paradox analogous to that of scientific activity?

The Postmodern Condition : A Report on Knowledge

What would such a paradox be? The text that follows is an occasional one.

It is a report on knowledge in the most highly developed societies and was presented to the Conseil des Universities of the government of Quebec at the request of its president. I would like to thank him for his kindness in allowing its publication. Prospect salutes the scientists, philosophers and writers reshaping our times—and asks Bryan Magee: —the champion of philosophical wonderment. The author, broadcaster and MP sparked a love of academic philosophy in countless curious Share with friends Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email.

UNBOXED: Lyotard, Postmodernism & the Metanarrative

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