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In all cases, the ebook assumes that you're using iOS 4 as the operating system on the device. If you are using an iPhone 4 or a fourth-generation iPod touch, it came with iOS 4 installed. If you are using an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS, or a second- or third-generation iPod touch, you can upgrade for free and this ebook assumes that you have already done so. This ebook does not cover the original iPhone or iPod touch. This is because these devices can't run iOS 4.

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For help with using the Mail app with one of these devices, see Take Control of Mail on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch , an earlier ebook by Joe that covers the Mail app and related considerations in the iPhone 3 iOS 3 operating system. An Apple support article has photos and other details to help you pinpoint your model. For the iPod touch, try Apple's Identifying iPod models article.

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To cover the changes in iOS 4. At this time December , the replacement ebook has advanced to a third edition, which covers iOS 5. ISBN: Version: 1.

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Set up an effective mobile strategy and read your email with ease! Questions answered in this ebook include: What are the new features in iOS 4 Mail, and how do I use them?

My Iphone Covers 3g 3gs and 4 Running Ios4 4th Edition - 9780789747143

Even the 3gs are not the best Nokia, HTC, I'll look forward to the 4th iPhone.. I think this phone is good but not the best ever Nokia, HTC, Samsung, have better features and more powerfull cell phones. The iphone has get the position it have because of the lot of developers making app and because more than a phone it is a portable gaming solution.

Apart from those weaknesses you'll get a whole new experience in touchscreen phone you've never seen before from other manufacturers,the best UI i've ever used so far,almost all major players tried to match the fluid interface of iPhone,but none of them succeeded even now,all i'm saying is you have to use one to know why they desperately make touchscreen devices to beat iPhone. Applications are available for free and paid,i have no idea how many the free apps out there but certainly no less than 8.

As for java,you got the right and wrong info,it's right cause you can't install java apps. The biggest features from an end user standpoint are the introduction of folders as a way of grouping apps together and simplifying your the iOS interface and of course, multitasking. On my iPhone I have five screens of apps.

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And as odd as this sounds, I can never find the flashlight app when I need it. With apps and the new functionality Apple was trying to enable, everything got more cluttered. The original iPhone was a success due to how clean and efficient its UI was. Press and hold your finger over an app icon on your home screen, wait for the icons to start jiggling, and then move one icon over another one. The two will form a group called a Folder and the Folder will be automatically named based on the type of apps in it.

You can also rename the Folder.

iOS 3.1.3 Compatible Apps *WORKING 2019

A Folder in iOS 4. Renaming a Folder. With a bit of organization, I could reduce my five screens of apps down to two.