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Murder Most Texan. Bartee Haile. Texas has long boasted its iron fist of the law and strict treatment of its hardest criminals.

Nevertheless, scoundrels, fiends and homicidal criminals inevitably slipped through the Lone Star justice system despite the best efforts of even the legendary Texas Rangers. From roadside murder to political assassinations, discover the seedy underbelly of Texas' murderous past. Public offices are created for the service of the people and not for the aggrandizement of a few individuals.

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The man who, claiming to be a Christian, deprives others of employment without cause is a base hypocrite and a tyrant. If the host of democratic spoilsmen-politicians of this state, of the McGaughey-Love-Robbins-Sebastian-Rountree type had such a thing about them as a conscious [sic], in a healthy state of activity, they could not look a republican in the face without blushing.

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Regardless of the reason, he reached in a coat pocket, pulled out a. The Texas capitol in , nine years after the murder of state official R. Library of Congress.

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The ear-splitting roar brought J. Stephens, the state bookkeeper, on the run from an adjoining office. But the would-be rescuer arrived too late to prevent Hill from putting a second slug in the bleeding colonel, who had turned to face his attacker. Hill heard Stephens coming and whirled to welcome him with the business end of the smoking six-shooter. The broad-shouldered bookkeeper flattened Hill with a flying tackle that knocked the pistol out of his hand and sent it skidding across the freshly polished wood floor.

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Reverend Cowden reentered the room to see the two men locked in a life-and-death struggle for the weapon. Transfixed by the savage scene, he watched helplessly as an anonymous hand grabbed the gun and ended the wrestling match with a third and final shot. For several suspenseful seconds, the preacher could not identify the winner of the desperate battle. Finally, to his immense relief, the burly bookkeeper rose to his feet and stood over the motionless murderer. Hill was soon an island in a rising tide of his own blood.

He rolled onto his back, revealing the source of the plum-red sea: a bullet wound in the stomach. Retrieving from his vest pocket a tiny bottle of laudanum, the most popular and widely abused drug of the day, the groaning gunman begged the bookkeeper not to interfere.

Man in country illegally charged with 11 murders in Texas

The pitiful plea fell on deaf ears, and Stephens pried the vial from his cold fingers, sentencing the assassin to a slow and agonizing death. Colonel Love staggered to his feet and took an unsure step toward the bookkeeper and the minister. More accustomed to saving souls than saving lives, the good reverend did what he could to make the mortally wounded man comfortable.

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God bless you and God bless him. Chaos reigned in the capitol as word spread of the shooting. To accommodate the concerned and curious at the crowded crime scene, Hill was unceremoniously carried to the far side of the rotunda and left alone on a cot to wait his turn for medical attention. The state health director examined the conscious comptroller and confirmed the worst.

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His wounds were fatal. May the Lord bless him and forgive him.

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  7. I can say no more. Yet he managed to linger long enough for his loved ones and Governor S.

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    Lanham to rush to his side. Love plumed its snowy pinions and sailed away to the pearly portals of Paradise.

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    7. Hill died four hours later in an Austin hospital, with his motive still subject to speculation.