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The Days of Astronomy Podcast is a project that is publishing one podcast per day, 5 to 10 minutes in duration, for all days of the year. The podcast episodes are written, recorded and produced by people around the world. We are looking for individuals, schools, companies and clubs to provide 5 - 10 minutes of audio for the daily podcast. You can do as few as 1 episode or up to 12 episodes one per month, subject to our editorial discretion.

Our goal is to encourage people to sign u Join Kyle and Tim for in depth Star Wars discussions. Welcome to the Star Wars party! Brews and Blasters is your chance to kick back and enjoy everything about that galaxy far, far away. Play later. One Month Out Podcast Worlds is people? If so, What?

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Should they? Wondering how to make the holodeck real? He's a Roddenberry family friend and interviewed Gene in the '80s. Be sure to join us live! We're on the Mission Log Faceb Episode 33 of the Urban Astronomer Podcast's first season is a special release, featuring an interview with Jean-Pierre Grootaerd, that I recorded for ScopeX , the biggest astronomy and telescope event in South Africa.

The Ned Yost decade with the Royals will end this week. Star columnist Sam Mellinger, who has covered the entire Yost tenure, chats with host Blair Kerkhoff about the mostly good times with the manager and speculates on the future of the job. Also, Sam McDowell helps introduce new Ch Nicole's father was an abusive drunk throughout her childhood. Now that he has passed away, she wants to know if she should "forgive" him.

By Dr. Toni received a call from her daughter's gynecologist regarding "test results.

Clyde Kusatsu Interview. In this episod This episode was recorded on September 20, and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, September 24, at GuardFrequency. It's part 3 of our ten-part weekly series looking into the nature of hope as it's expressed in the Star Wars movies! Today, I'm examining Return of the Jedi, which is a master manipulator of our hopes during its first act.

It also features a rather remarkable act of hope in its final act - one that helps us to more clearly define the nature of A selection of fan letters from some of Star Trek's youngest - and most ardent - fans from Some have specific technical questions, some want merchandise and some just need to let Gene Roddenberry know exactly how deeply their fandom runs.

UNLOCKED (The Alpha Group #3) by MAYA CROSS

The Trek Files looks at how much has changed and stayed the same since the pre-internet days of fando Hanelle M. Culpepper Interview. An award-winning director and writer, Hanelle M. Culpepper is known for her work in both television and film, including episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, Counterpart, The Flash, and Gotham. In directing the first two episodes of Star Trek: Picard, she has added to her list of accomplishments being the first woman In discussion the boys talk the Zack Snyder passion project, Sucker Punch!

And now a podcast that battles evil demonic Feudal Samurai for the benefit of its listeners. It's time Bryan and Holly were on the Galaxy's Edge panel at Dragon Con and had a lot of things to say about the park in this unique discussion. Plus some great live viewer calls! Super fun show and plenty of laughs. After Laver Cup intoxicated tennis with its myriad storylines, content and Roger Federer swearing like a trooper, The Tennis Podcast team assembled in a pub in London to talk about it. As well as Federe Jordan wants to know if and how he can return the gift and get something he wants without hurting the neighbor's feelings.

On this week's show we discuss Blake's most recent international hunt to Australia's Cobourg Peninsula. There he pursued the elusive Banteng, a feral cattle species that the British introduced to Australia in the In this episode, Boone provides his Week 3 takeaways, recaps all the injuries from Sunday, and takes an early look at waiver wire adds. Week 3 takeaways Injury roundup Early Week 4 waiver wire adds This episode, the Order 66 Podcast covers a topic that we have never covered before, which can be the fondest or foulest memory of a game: character death.

The hosts dive headfirst into the black abyss of bad GMing, good story driven character choices, how death in this game can occur, when it should occur, and just how a player and group can h The Chiefs faced some pressure toward the end, but they won again, improving to with a victory over the Baltimore Ravens at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.

In a battle of next generation quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes prevailed over Lamar Jackson. Mahomes is on an amazing pace with 10 touchdown passes and no interceptions in three games, It turns out, they're piles of rubble Let's talk about what we've learned so far. We've add They explore the FanX Convention where four TrekFM hosts participated in a panel and discuss the challenges faced by fan artists. We then talk about the 40th An When the time travel police show up to interrogate Captain Sisko, the story he tells them is full of callbacks. Would you buy what The Traveler is selling?

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Can a banger cause moral outrage? What do you mean?

And two of the three stories could have interesting implications for The Rise of Skywalk Al Grauer hosts. Albert D.

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Grauer Nmcanopus is an observational asteroid hunting astronomer. Grauer retired from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in It was discovered in by James Everyone knows about the likes of Barcelona, PSG and Liverpool, but what 'smaller' teams could prove to be dark horses in this year's Champions League? By Football Daily. Commentary Track. In it, we get a story that may well have been Poe's first encounter with the notion that the New Republic might not be telling everyone about the dangers it faces from the First Order - and that there's a Resistance rising to deal wi In this episode, we talk through our favorite moments in Return of the Jedi, from the campiest to the most touching, delve into forgiveness and what makes redemption, and what makes Luke Skywalker such a compelling hero.

Have a question for the show? An often-overlooked corner of the Star Trek universe, the animated Star Trek series of '74 was the first time Trek would make a comeback. Utilizing most of the original voice talent, TAS approached storytelling in much the same way as its predecessor. A comprehensive guide to this gr The hobby of amateur astronomy has been a major part of my life, I've been observing since I was in high school and accompanying me throughout these years on my journey under the night sky has been Sky and Telescope Magazine.

This publication has long been on my bookshel Remember how Finn said he used to mop the floors at Starkiller Base? Well, now you get to see it happen! And you may get a sense of how the seeds of Finn's break from the First Order were sewn in "Infestation," from the Age of Resistance series. Punch it! I had the pleasure of interviewing Zack Smith at the Blackhawk convention who was traded to the team this summer. He's a well-spoken guy and plays with a lot of grit. Hawks fans are gonna like having on the team.

Lockout Audiobook by Maya Cross

In other big news, I am doing a second now! Check out the first episode here! Nancy is unemployed and she spends the majority of her day looking online for work. Recently, after picking her husband up from his work, he asked what she "does all day" which she took as confrontational and condescending.

Was Nancy's husband just curious or showing his frustration? Robert is a new listener to Dr Laura, and he calls to thank her for her words of kindness, knowledge, and wisdom. Amy's mom passed away 3 years ago.

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Amy has never bawled her eyes out in grief and is concerned that she is mourning the "wrong" way. Annie did not choose wisely and her relationship with her husband of only a few years is spiraling. They have a one year old son and she wants to keep the family together for his sake but how can she make a "happy home" work with a man she does not love? The phone lines were open all night and you guys brought some amazing conversation.