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We help those with strain due to combat stress, family separation, exposure to trauma and destruction, witnessing human suffering, threats to self or fellow combatants, and issues related to grief and loss. Longleaf Hospital is a bed, inpatient behavioral health hospital in Alexandria, LA for adolescents, adults, and seniors who are experiencing emotional or behavioral problems Treatment is offered through a range of multi-disciplinary programs in a therapeutic, confidential and safe environment.

  • Medical Wellness & Therapy Services located in West LA, Los Angeles, CA.
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We are committed to the highest quality medical and business practices. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals is dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible treatment. We care for the individual needs of each person that comes to us, providing clients with personalized, effective treatment plans.

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The conference provides training and professional development opportunities for students, practitioners and community members. Our third annual conference seeks to provide attendees with critical understandings and practical knowledge that can be used to enrich their scholarship, service provision, and relationships while also inspiring thoughtful and intentional community action.

In this contemporary moment, we are especially concerned with how social and political climates directly affect our mental health and well-being. From immigration law to climate change, the contentious social issues of our time have the greatest effect on the most vulnerable and marginalized populations in society.

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