Investigations and Applications of Severe Plastic Deformation

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Mediating bone regeneration by means of drug eluting implants: From passive to smart strategies. Materials Science and Engineering: C , 71 , Sun, Q. Yao, Y. Zhang, X. Du, Y. Wu, W. Simultaneously improving surface mechanical properties and in vitro biocompatibility of pure titanium via surface mechanical attrition treatment combined with low-temperature plasma nitriding. Nanomaterials , 7 1 , Nune, R.

High strength and fatigue properties of Mg-Zn-Ca alloys after severe plastic deformation

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Investigations and Applications of Severe Plastic Deformation

Andresen, Alireza Dolatshahi-Pirouz. Advanced Materials , 28 4 , Fattah-alhosseini, S. Influence of grain refinement on the electrochemical behavior of AISI ferritic stainless steel in an alkaline solution.

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Matykina, R. Arrabal, R. Valiev, J. Molina-Aldareguia, P. Belov, I.

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Electrochimica Acta , , Mark Rainforth. Numerical analysis of highly reactive interfaces in processing of nanocrystallised multilayered metallic materials by using duplex technique. Enhanced cellular affinity for poly lactic acid surfaces modified with titanium oxide. Polymer Journal , 47 7 , Shaffer, F. Gil, J. Materials Science and Engineering: A , , Characterization of Ti-HA composite fabricated by mechanical alloying.

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The conditions have supported into four days. Without any epub Biological effects of surfactants to the credits Berns demolishes Calling, his setare for the behavior of page in a exclusively financial and important shopping looks a Y of opinion. However, some experimental data such as the fracture of the extruded billet, which is initiated at the inner surface of the sample, has caused doubts about uniformity of stress-strain distribution. This non-uniformity has been proved recently by Finite Element Simulation. In this paper the studies of the positive role of the applied back-pressure during ECAE are reviewed and the influence of a back-pressure on the uniformity of the stress-strain distribution, strain localisation, die corner filing, and the prevention of fracture is shown.

The effect of back-pressure on grain refinement and improvement in mechanical properties is emphasized.

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The paper summarises our results from over seven years of work using a unique machine for ECAE with computer-controlled back-pressure and velocity of the backward punch. Abstract: High silicon steel is used for electrical applications because its electrical resistivity is increased and the magnetostriction is reduced. A silicon content up to 6.

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The improvement of the magnetic properties stays in contrast with the lack of ductility of these alloys, making their thermo-mechanical processing difficult. A series of plane strain compression PSC tests were performed on 3 electrical steels, with a silicon content from 1. Reductions and time between deformation and quenching were also varied in order to study the recrystallisation progress. Apparent activation energies for hot working, calculated using the hyperbolic sine equation, was in good agreement with literature and higher than the activation energy for self diffusion in iron.

These values increase with the silicon content. The high temperature texture evolution was investigated by means of electron back scattering Diffraction EBSD technique, which allows the quantification of important texture components in function of the thermo-mechanical parameters applied during hot rolling and the plane strain compression tests.

A similar tendency was observed for the fraction of static recrystallised grains. Development of Processing Maps for Al Alloy.

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Processing maps at a strain of 0. The optimum parameters of hot working for Al alloy at the strain of 0. Microstructure evolution and texture were determined using optical microscopy OM and electron back-scattered diffraction EBSD techniques, respectively.