Hands-On Oracle Application Express Security: Building Secure Apex Applications

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Oracle APEX provides you with an easy-to-use browser-based environment to load data, manage database objects, develop REST interfaces, and build applications which look and run great on both desktop and mobile devices. You can use Oracle APEX to develop a wide variety of solutions: import spreadsheets and develop a single source of truth in minutes, create compelling reports and data visualizations, deploy productivity applications to elegantly solve a business need, or build mission-critical data management applications.

Oracle APEX also embodies low code with powerful data management and data visualization components, as well as responsive development out of the box. Instead of writing code by hand, you are able to use intelligent wizards to guide you through the rapid creation of applications and components.

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Oracle Autonomous Database brings together decades of database automation, decades of automating database infrastructure, and new technology in the cloud to deliver a fully autonomous database. Oracle Autonomous Database provides a self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing cloud service that eliminates the overhead and human errors associated with traditional database administration. Oracle Autonomous Database takes care of configuration, tuning, backup, patching, encryption, scaling, and more.

Autonomous Database is available exclusively through Oracle and is offered in two versions optimized to meet the specialized requirements for Online Transaction Processing and Data Warehousing. Explore how APEX simplifies and accelerates development, enabling you to focus on the problem at hand, not on repetitive coding.

Oracle APEX offers world-class components and functionality you need to build sophisticated applications that work on any device. Explore how Oracle APEX helps you build better apps with rich capabilities for data management, reporting, user interface, security, accessibility, monitoring, and globalization. Oracle APEX uses a metadata-driven architecture enabling fast data access, performance, and scalability, out of the box. Discover how this elegant architecture enables you to build applications that can scale with the Autonomous Database for any number of users on demand.

This enables you to immediately import your existing applications into your Autonomous Database. Explore how Oracle APEX affords you the flexibility of developing and deploying applications across your on-premises and cloud environments with ease.

Oracle APEX has been used to successfully provide solutions for real business problems across industries and geographies. From the simplest app that turns a spreadsheet into a web app, to mission critical apps that are accessed daily by hundreds of thousands of users.


Hands-On Oracle Application Express Security

Learn how you can participate in this enthusiastic developer community. The Autonomous Database cloud services also include powerful technologies to access, manage, and maintain your data. Mission Critical Made Effortless With Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud services, you can develop and deploy on a preconfigured, fully managed, and secured environment without any of the hassles of upkeep or manual maintenance.

Infrastructure From installation and patching, to management and monitoring - the Autonomous Database intelligently handles all of the infrastructure for you. Security Strong data encryption, switched on by default, ensures your data is fully protected.

Announcing the Availability of Oracle APEX on Autonomous Database Cloud!

Data Privacy Your data is yours alone. Performance Limitless performance and scalability, built upon Exadata infrastructure and Oracle Real Application Clusters, enable your application to scale beyond the limits of a physical server. In this session you will learn how to use the most interesting "hidden" features with just a few lines of JavaScript. Some examples: - Adding and removing buttons from the Interactive Grid toolbar. Being productive is one thing, but the fruit of your hard labor should also be maintainable. By having a clear structure to the application, the development process as well as the maintenance is crystal clear to everyone involved making it much easier to have a successful application.

Low code and agility still means you need to design the application, and that's what this session is about. If we check official documentation about Oracle Application Express Shared Components we can read this: "Shared components are common elements that can display or be applied on any page within an application". But once we are logged into APEX and we go to Shared Components, we can see that this definition is true only for just a small part of Shared Components. This presentation is not about basic usage of this features, it is about tips and tricks.

We will look at how to overcome limitations when we work with Data Load Definitions, how to combine Shortcuts with Text Messages and more Christian Rokitta - Lift Off! The framework, structure and components are optimized to enable rapid, declarative low code development cycles. When building a web application for public access, that cannot be served with an off-the-shelf system, why not use Oracle technology?

Especially for you, being very familiar with Oracle technology. So, how suitable is this free Oracle architecture for building public facing web applications? Whether you are a hobbyist or want to start up a new internet business, there are a few things you will have to investigate and plan:.

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All aspects will be explained and demonstrated on a real world APEX application, providing a service to private internet users. At the end of this session, I will officially launch the German version of this web application I have built with Oracle Application Express". The session will cover how to configure Amazon Alexa and external text-based chatbots to interface with and gather data from your APEX applications and Oracle database.

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For APEX 5. In addition to this there will be certainly be almost other smaller features and improvements delivered by the APEX team. Many of these features are certainly not talked about enough because they continually increase our productity or make things simply easier In this presentation we will have a close look at the most noteworthy of the smaller new features.

Certainly we will see hands on demos and the full demo application will be provided as a download. We now need to take care of the mobile aspect, are in the Low code decennia, need to optimize our workflow as much as possible In I did a series of blog posts how I was building the mtable. We will cover quickSql, Blueprint, APIs and other tips and tricks that can help you building modern applications.

In APEX 5. The OracleJET package is provided with an extensive function overview with cookbook, but how can we make use of these settings and options in an APEX application? This presentation shows a practical example application with OracleJET charts, in which the end-user can set, filter and format the charts to execute their own data-analysis.

This hands-on presentation is for developers of all abilities; from those new to Interactive Grid to those wishing to explore the more advanced features. My presentation starts small; with only a handful of lines of code to demonstrate how the configuration is used. It established a stateful behavior across pages for each user.

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Usually we take a session for granted but knowing how sessions work in detail can be of great usage when debugging errors. How does APEX secure and validate a session and its items? We will see what happens between creation and destruction of a session and how you can interact with it. There are some important differences when assigning a value to an item via Automatic Row Fetch, Computation, Source or Default value.

We all struggle with these things from time to time. And what happens exactly when you submit a page for page processing? Ever heard about a 32k limitation in APEX? APEX 5. This presentation will be of value for both beginners and experienced APEX developers.

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  • Hands-On Oracle Application Express Security: Building Secure Apex Applications.

REST is the most popular way of exposing your database resources to external clients. If you are exposing a service to your clients, you need to make sure that access is protected.