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Nashville's most intimate venue.

From Cambridge English Corpus. His father was also, after - hours , an amateur dance band leader and musician. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

I am also for the conviviality of after - hours conference life.

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They're small, representative mobilizations of what is normally an after - hours , clandestine scene. So most stay away, and consequently miss out on the casual but important after - hours socialisation, conversation, and networking of male entrepreneurs. Still, low levels of use by the after - hours extended coverage unit were largely a result of lack of management support.

This was primarily due to differences in payment mechanisms for after - hours treatments and the annual use of equipment rather than the quantity of physical resources used.

Its members already have to cope with problems of after - hours drinking, under-age drinking and violence in pubs, which is getting worse. From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.

Regardless of whether foundation hospitals succeed and take a mutual form, many local doctors have formed mutuals to deal with after - hours care, for example.

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There has been a great cutback in the after - hours payment to the police and a direction that they cannot expect as much overtime as before. I presume it would mean a working day of the stock exchange rather than what might be called after - hours dealing. Would he care to give us the statistics of prosecutions for after - hours drinking in his constiuency? In particular, there is the problem of after - hours fights outside pubs. There were few problems about after - hours drinking. Over a long period it had been recognised that where there was no nuisance, violence or fighting because of after - hours drinking, the police devote few resources to it.

See all examples of after hours. Translations of after hours in Chinese Traditional. They then discuss whether the promise of precision medicine is real or hype. They then debate the growing reliance on artificial intelligence bots by human resource departments in the job screening process.

Season 2 — Episode 26 Big Tech vs. They then discuss the reasons underlying the soaring price of college in the U. They then discuss whether corporate debt levels are reaching crisis potential. They then discuss why partisan political prejudice is worse in some parts of the country than others.

After hours of questioning Lewandowski, Democrats finally land punches

They also debate the rise of socialism in U. Plus, can the government really spend as much money as it wants without worrying about deficits? What in the world is Modern Monetary Theory and does it actually make sense?

They also offer their After Hours picks for the week. They also debate the notion of Radical Transparency, before sharing their After Hours picks for the week. They also share their After Hours picks for the week.

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And Other Customer Service Complaints Youngme and Mihir welcome their colleague Ryan Buell to discuss whether airlines deserve their reputation for terrible customer service. Season 2 — Episode 2 Is Retail Dying? In this episode, they debate whether the federal minimum wage should be raised, offer their personal reflections on a year of the MeToo movement, and share their picks for the week. Season 1 — Episode 20 New Media and Predictive Policing In this episode, hosts Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Mihir Desai explore the prospects for media outlets like Vice and Buzzfeed, discuss their thoughts on predictive policing, and offer their After Hours picks for the week.

Season 1 — Episode 18 Food, food, and more food! Plus, Vaping Among Teens In this episode, Youngme, Felix and Mihir debate whether the job of the presidency is too big even for the most competent of executives; discuss whether the vaping trend among teenagers should have us worried; and offer their After Hours picks for the week.

It was shot entirely at night, sometimes with on-the-spot improvisation of camera movements, as in the famous shot where Paul Hackett Dunne , the hero, rings the bell of Kiki Bridges Linda Fiorentino and she throws down her keys, and Scorsese uses a POV shot of the keys dropping toward Paul. In pre-digital days, that really had to happen. They tried fastening the camera to a board and dropping it toward Paul with ropes to stop it at the last moment Dunne was risking his life , but after that approach produced out-of-focus footage, Ballhaus came up with a terrifyingly fast crane move.

Other shots, Scorsese said, were in the spirit of Hitchcock, fetishizing closeups of objects like light switches, keys, locks and especially faces. Because we believe a close-up underlines something of importance to a character, Scorsese exploited that knowledge with unmotivated closeups; Paul thought something critical had happened, but much of the time it had not. In an unconscious way, an audience raised on classic film grammar would share his expectation and disappointment. Pure filmmaking. Another device was to offhandedly suggest alarming possibilities about characters, as when Kiki describes burns, and Paul finds a graphic medical textbook about burn victims in the bedroom of Marcy Rosanna Arquette , the girl he has gone to meet at Kiki's apartment.

Are the burns accidental or deliberate? The possibility is there, because Kiki is into sadomasochism. Trying to find a shared conversational topic, Paul tells Marcy the story of the time he was a little boy in the hospital and was left for a time in the burn unit, but blindfolded and warned not to remove the blindfold. He did, and what he saw horrified him.

Strange, that entering the lives of two women obsessed with burns, he would have his own burn story, but coincidence and synchronicity are the engines of the plot. This generates the film's sinister undertone, as in a scene where he tries to explain all the things that have befallen him, and fails, perhaps because they sound too absurd even to him. One thing many viewers of the film have reported is the high some say almost unpleasant level of suspense in "After Hours," which is technically a comedy but plays like a satanic version of the classic Hitchcock plot formula, the Innocent Man Wrongly Accused.

With different filmmakers and other actors, the film might have played more safely, like " Adventures in Babysitting. Scorsese has suggested that Paul's implacable run of bad luck reflected his own frustration during the "Last Temptation of Christ" experience.

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Executives kept reassuring him that all was going well with that film, backers said they had the money, Paramount green-lighted it, agents promised it was a "go," everything was in place, and then time after time an unexpected development would threaten everything. In "After Hours," each new person Paul meets promises that they will take care of him, make him happy, lend him money, give him a place to stay, let him use the phone, trust him with their keys, drive him home - and every offer of mercy turns into an unanticipated danger.